Small Business Insurance in Kingston, RI

Small businesses are the backbone of any economy, and your small business deserves the same insurance coverage that larger businesses and corporations enjoy. Their coverage doesn’t break their budget, and it shouldn’t break yours.

Woodmansee Insurance of Wyoming, Rhode Island, is a small business insurance broker ready to help you find the necessary coverage for your business without devastating your bottom line.

A Rhode Island Original

Woodmansee Insurance understands the needs of a small business because we started out as one ourselves back in 1960. Since then, we’ve grown and expanded, and become a Trusted Choice insurance company. However, we still remember what it’s like to be a small business trying to get on your feet, trying to wear all the necessary hats to set things up and run the business all at once.

We want to make at least one thing on your to-do list easier, which is why we provide quality coverage for small businesses in Rhode Island — including Kingston, RI — and Eastern Connecticut at a fair and modest price.

With small business insurance, you are protected from liability at exactly the level you currently need, so you’re not spending your precious budget on extra coverage you don’t need yet. The experienced agents at Woodmansee Insurance will get to know you and your small business, your work, and your needs, and work with that to create an insurance package perfect for your small business.

We work with top insurance carriers, and we know their insurance products, so we can accurately select the best policies to keep your small business protected completely and uniquely.

For a free quote on small business insurance coverage perfect for your business, get in touch with one of the expert agents at Woodmansee Insurance. Fill out our online contact form, or call us at 401-539-7000 or toll-free at 800-922-1300.